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Comm Terms of Service

Okay to do
• Repost your commissioned artwork to twitter. [Give proper credit!]
• Reposting your commissioned artwork on other websites. [ONLY if proper credit is given]• Use my artwork as references. [Please no tracing!! Make yours original]• Requesting a refund before I've started on your commission.

Please do not
• Ask for a non-watermark version of your commission, I do not provide these anymore.
• Request a refund after I've already started on your commission.• Ask for more than 5 changes in your WIPs, further changes require extra payment.• Resell my artwork in anyway, shape, or form. [Donation goals are not allowed either.]• Trace my artwork.

• I have a right to decline any artwork I am not comfortable drawing.
• If something causes me to be unable to finish your commission, you will receive a full refund.
• Upon purchasing a commission you agree to these rules.
• If you break any of these rules you will lose the ability to commission me!
!!! It's YOUR responsibility to provide the details that you want for your commission !!!

How to Commission

My commissions open from the 1st-10th of every month, if they are open you can fill out a form below, or com me on ko-fi! form will be closed if comm are closed, otherwise you may dm me on twitter to ask to join the comm waitlist for next month

I do take NSFW comm but you must DM me on Twitter to confirm ageyou can find examples @nuuponx (18+) on twt

Regular Commissions

+50% per extra character
-15% off for returning customers
more discounts for ko-fi memberships!
fullbody $80
halfbody $65
headshot $40
pair $140
I also do model com so please dm me on twitter if interested$750 fullbody model (norig)
$400 halfbody model (norig)
$200 per extra outfit

Design Commissions

outfit design $100 (single view)
outfit design (front + back) $150
character design (from scratch) $200

genshin design $140
creature design $50
chibi $35